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Megafaun Returns with Heretofore [Feature]


Megafaun has returned after last year’s Gather, Form, and Fly to give us their mini-album Heretofore, out now on Hometapes. On the new one, the band continues with their off-beat folk style, comparable to those they’ve toured with of late, from Bowerbirds to Akron Family to former band-mates Bon Iver. They’ve got a bit more energy though, and they’re a bit further out into the foothills and backwoods of rural America.

You can hear traces of this on the song “Volunteers” thanks to the band’s unique vocal styling, but that song is borderline mainstream compared to the twelve-and-a-half minute free-improvisation meets folk song “Comprovisation for Connor Pass”. It’s no surprise that some (myself included) label Megafaun one of the most innovative folk bands around; they prove it once again on Heretofore. Simply brilliant.

Download: “Volunteers” by Megafaun

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