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Keep Shelly In Athens: Running Out Of You MP3


Mysterious, ethereal and eerie, Keep Shelly In Athens create an all-encompassing sound in the whispery tune “Running Out Of You”. Filled with enormous dreamy synths, the song is dream pop for nearly two thirds of its four and a half minutes. The final third adds a heavier beat, turntable scratching, and an 80s hip hop sample in which a guy says Break It Down. Read More »Keep Shelly In Athens: Running Out Of You MP3

Easter Island: Better Things [Album Review]


Easter Island is brothers Ethan and Asher Payne, who, along with drummer John Cable and bassist Andrew Terrell, create smooth, dreamy progressive pop in the vein of Stars or even Wye Oak. Better Things is filled with surreal pop songs, opening with the near shoegaze “Proud”. While the EP doesn’t embark completely into that space, it does flirt with it frequently. Read More »Easter Island: Better Things [Album Review]

The Modern Skirts: Grammahawk [Album Review]

modern skirts

In the past, The Modern Skirts have proved themselves to be one of the finest piano-laced indie pop groups in the western hemisphere. But, to be so damn good really seems to come with a price. The dreaded pigeon-holing effect becomes a factor. And any real artist, or avid listener, knows that this could very well mean the death of wonderful musical acts. The Skirts blasted out of nowhere in 2005 with an album that everyone couldn’t stop loving. In 2008, they stepped their game up once again with one of the finest indie pop albums of last decade. They even managed to get one of their most popular tracks on the video game Rockband 2. So, is all this well earned respect a bad thing? One entire sitting with their latest album, Grammahawk, might very well proved the answer really is – Yes. And No! Read More »The Modern Skirts: Grammahawk [Album Review]

Ham1: It’s Only A Dream Unto Itself [mp3]


It’s difficult to describe the encapsulating power behind Ham1. The Athens-based band’s latest album, Let’s Go On And On And On With Ham 1, is perhaps most engrossing release in their half-decade career. “It’s Only A Dream Unto Itself” is one of the album’s top tracks, molding together a unique array of rock, folk, country and psychedelic for a sound that hints of wide influences from local friends Dark Meat, to the grunge master J. Mascis himself, to the epic genius John Cale. Read More »Ham1: It’s Only A Dream Unto Itself [mp3]

Maserati [Feature]


Odd that this, Pyramid Of The Sun, is my first experience of the epic Maserati. It’s not with ignorance, too; their name has been uttered in my direction from many an enthusiast. Thus I do not feel competent in doing an album review, as I have no basis of comparison – and that is precisely what a long-time fan would want. So a brief feature, then. Pyramid Of The Sun is a masterful blend of wild guitar riffs, borderline electronica, and the intoxicating hint of psychedelia. And “Oaxaca” is the perfect example of all three. Read More »Maserati [Feature]

Tunabunny: I Miss You (You Miss Me Yes) [Video]


They call it transcendental dance pop, which sounds pretty good to me. I’d add in hints of punk and plenty of noise to that description, though. Tunabunny is the latest great thing to come out of Athens, Georgia, a place that needs no introduction when it comes to great independent music. And their new self-titled LP is on Happy Happy Birthday To Me, a label that should also need no introduction. Read More »Tunabunny: I Miss You (You Miss Me Yes) [Video]

Elf Power

Elf Power: Elf Power [Album Review]

Elf Power is one of the great leftovers from the epic Elephant 6 collective — you know, bands like Of Montreal, Neutral Milk Hotel, The Essex Green, Beulah, and Apples In Stereo to drop a few names. On their tenth — yes, tenth! — studio album, they go the self-titled route. But don’t think that safe move has lessened any of their creativity as it absolutely has not. Elf Power begins strong with “The Taking Under” and it refuses to quit impressing through the last song.

Read More »Elf Power: Elf Power [Album Review]

Modern Skirts: Happy 81 EP [Album Review]

Modern Skirts

After turning so many heads with their 2008 sophomore release, All Of Us In Our Night, as well as appearing on the video game Rock Band 2, some may wonder how the Athens pop/rock group Modern Skirts would return when that time eventually came. Could anything they do top the local and sub-sequential SXSW successes they have achieved? With the release of Happy 81 EP, the prequel to their upcoming full length album due this fall, some listeners might be a bit upset. But, the real fans are going to have their minds blown. Read More »Modern Skirts: Happy 81 EP [Album Review]

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