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Elf Power: Elf Power [Album Review]

Elf Power

Elf Power is one of the great leftovers from the epic Elephant 6 collective — you know, bands like Of Montreal, Neutral Milk Hotel, The Essex Green, Beulah, and Apples In Stereo to drop a few names. On their tenth — yes, tenth! — studio album, they go the self-titled route. But don’t think that safe move has lessened any of their creativity as it absolutely has not. Elf Power begins strong with “The Taking Under” and it refuses to quit impressing through the last song.

Contrary to some, I found Back To The Web to be one of the band’s greatest works. I’ve spent many hours obsessing over “Come Lie Down With Me”, “King Of The Earth” and “Somewhere Down The River”. They have remained favorites and have been mainstays on my playlist since the album’s release.

The purpose for this side banter is that I can see many songs off Elf Power following suit. The opener, of course, and the first single “Stranger In The Window”. “Ghost Of John” has a unique time signature and a clever melody while “The Concrete And The Walls” has a wicked guitar riff that repeats behind the vocals.

Elf Power is a band you should know. Period. They’ve worked with some of the most cherished artists of today and yesterday, from E6 alums Kevin Barnes (Of Montreal) and Jeff Mangum (Neutral Milk Hotel), to the ever amazing (and recently deceased) Vic Chesnutt. Elf Power comes out September 14 on Orange Twin Records.


Orange Twin Records [CD, 2010]

1. The Taking Under
2. Wander Through
3. Stranger In The Window
4. Like A Cannonball
5. Boots Of Lead
6. Spidereggs
7. Ghost Of John
8. The Concrete And The Walls
9. Goldmine In The Sun
10. Tiny Insects
11. Little Black Holes
12. Little Hand
13. Spiral Stairs

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