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Maserati [Feature]


Odd that this, Pyramid Of The Sun, is my first experience of the epic Maserati. It’s not with ignorance, too; their name has been uttered in my direction from many an enthusiast. Thus I do not feel competent in doing an album review, as I have no basis of comparison – and that is precisely what a long-time fan would want. So a brief feature, then. Pyramid Of The Sun is a masterful blend of wild guitar riffs, borderline electronica, and the intoxicating hint of psychedelia. And “Oaxaca” is the perfect example of all three.

With a sound like this, it’s hard to think some of their earliest releases were on Kindercore Records before ultimately finding their way to Temporary Residence. In a way, it reminds me quite a bit of new Dead Oceans band Suuns, but Suuns takes this sound and adds lyrics. The good news is that it works very well both ways. Again, “Oaxaca” is a perfect example.

Download: “Oaxaca” by Maserati

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