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Andy Fenstermaker

Andy Fenstermaker is a music lover, writer, marketing professional, and entrepreneur who has dedicated his life to sharing his passion for music with others. He is the founder of FensePost, a renowned music blog that has been sharing the latest and greatest in indie music since 2006. Andy has always been fascinated by the power of music to connect people, and he started FensePost with the aim of sharing his love of music with others. Andy developed a passion for music at a young age. Born and raised in the Pacific Northwest, Andy grew up surrounded by a vibrant music scene that left an indelible mark on him. He attended Washington State University, where he studied Communication and Business. He holds a BA in Communication and a Masters in Business Administration.  After graduating, Andy started writing about music and created FensePost as the outlet. The blog has a strong focus on indie music, but also covers a range of other genres including folk, indie pop, psychedelic, garage rock, and experimental.  Andy and the blog relocated to the Dallas/Fort Worth Metroplex in 2020.

Dream Police

Dream Police to release “Hypnotized” Nov. 11 on Sacred Bones

Dream Police

I have made it no secret that The Men‘s 2013 LP, New Moon, was among my favorite releases of the year. It marked a new pinnacle for the band, in my opinion; an arena slightly more accessible to the common listener and a bit more in line with my own personal tastes. Unfortunately, this year’s Tomorrow’s Hits hasn’t quite gripped me as much as its predecessor. Enter Dream Police and their forthcoming album Hypnotized. Read More »Dream Police to release “Hypnotized” Nov. 11 on Sacred Bones

Ty Segall

Ty Segall’s “Manipulator” Marries Garage Rock and Glam

After a far-too-lengthy hiatus, I have returned. And my gaze first turns toward prolific rocker Ty Segall‘s new LP, Manipulator. Last year I became a bit obsessed with early T. Rex, as in the stuff they released pre “T” under the guise Tyrannosaurus Rex. In particular, the album Beard of Stars. Around the same time, Segall gave us Sleeper, an almost entirely acoustic album that very much channeled Marc Bolan in his early days. This was quite the departure for Segall, but also an instrumental period leading toward Manipulator.

Read More »Ty Segall’s “Manipulator” Marries Garage Rock and Glam
Darlings Century of Light

Darlings Tease New LP with “Centuries of Light”

Darlings Centuries of Light

I have loved Darlings since they released their debut LP, Yeah I Know, back in 2009. Their subsequent EP and singles were equally pleasing to my ears. Then, in 2012, they released their sophomore LP, Perfect Trip, which easily trumped their prior releases. Now we have the first tease of what’s to come. It’s a song called “Centuries of Light” and it’ll be off the band’s third LP, which is called… well, we don’t even know what it’ll be called yet because the band hasn’t decided. Read More »Darlings Tease New LP with “Centuries of Light”

Elliott Smith - Independence Day

Because 4th of July

Elliott Smith - Independence Day

Elliott Smith is one of those artists that never really goes away. He slips into your playlist from time to time and today is no exception. Because 4th of July. It’s Independence Day. Couldn’t help but share one of the songs that made me fall in love with his music. Read More »Because 4th of July

Rose Windows Band Photo

Rose Windows Return with ‘There Is A Light’

Rose Windows Band Photo

One of my favorite new artists of 2013 was Seattle’s Rose Windows. Their debut LP, The Sun Dogs, on Sub Pop was a luscious array of mildly psych-induced folk rock fronted by Rabia Shaheen Qazi exotic vocals. It continues: Rose Windows have now given us a first taste of life beyond The Sun Dogs with a new single (also on Sub Pop) for “There Is A Light”. Read More »Rose Windows Return with ‘There Is A Light’

Belgian Fog

Belgian Fog Breaks the Mold on new MP3 “Before You Ever Talked”

Belgian Fog

I always get a bit giddy when I get a new unsolicited email from Robert Dale. It always precedes a new track. My fourth such email communication with Mr. Dale was no exception. And here, two days later, I am quite chuffed to present the fourth song by Dale’s project Belgian Fog: “Before You Ever Talked”. Read More »Belgian Fog Breaks the Mold on new MP3 “Before You Ever Talked”

Expo 86 Vacation

Where Has FensePost Gone?

I can count on two hands the number of posts FensePost has published in the past two months. The same for the two months before that, and on back for likely six to eight months. For a blog that once prided itself on near daily posts for seven years, this is far from the norm.

So, where has FensePost gone?

Read More »Where Has FensePost Gone?
Xiu Xiu

Xiu Xiu’s “Stupid In The Dark” Asks You To Kill Your Ungrateful Lover.

Xiu Xiu

Xiu Xiu is rarely an easy listen. Think back to 2004’s Fabulous Muscles and abrasive tracks like “Support Our Troops” “OH! (Black Angels OH!)” and “Fabulous Muscles (Mama Black Widow Version)”; both presented real-life content upstanding members of society would rather push under the rug and pretend doesn’t exist. Yet “I Luv the Valley OH!” was a bright spot with a memorable melody and rhythms that could get inside your head. Read More »Xiu Xiu’s “Stupid In The Dark” Asks You To Kill Your Ungrateful Lover.


“With Light And With Love” May Just Be WOODS’ Best Song Ever.

Having heard most of Woods‘ previous material, and firmly believing Bend Beyond is their pinnacle to date, I was somewhat concerned what new material might bring. Would it live up to my worship of their 2012 LP? Would I be epically disappointed, requiring an injection-dose of Bend Beyond coupled with a slew of 70s psych-folk classics? In With Light And With Love I would find my answer.

Read More »“With Light And With Love” May Just Be WOODS’ Best Song Ever.
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