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Woods, sometimes stylized in all caps, is a psychedelic folk band. Formed in 2005 by Jeremy Earl, founder of the indie label Woodsist, which releases the vast majority of the band’s work.

In addition to Earl, as of 2023, Woods consists of Jarvis Taveniere, Aaron Neveu, Chuck Van Dyck, and Kyle Forester. Of note, solo artist Kevin Morby was bassist in the band up until 2013.

The band has 11 albums to their name as of 2023, though they truly came onto my (Andy Fenstermaker) radar in about 2013 when I discovered Bend Beyond.

Below you’ll find a variety of posts featuring the band, from album reviews to lists that they can be found on.

Woods Bend Beyond Vinyl

Woods | Bend Beyond | Vinyl Unboxing & Album Review

The other day I covered one of my all time, desert island, top five records. Of course, I’m talking about Blonde Redhead’s 2007 LP 23. Today, I’m talking about another one. Like 23 was to Blonde Redhead, Bend Beyond is the 7th studio LP by psychedelic folk band Woods, and it was the last to feature another favorite artist of mine, Kevin Morby, on bass. 

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“With Light And With Love” May Just Be WOODS’ Best Song Ever.

Having heard most of Woods‘ previous material, and firmly believing Bend Beyond is their pinnacle to date, I was somewhat concerned what new material might bring. Would it live up to my worship of their 2012 LP? Would I be epically disappointed, requiring an injection-dose of Bend Beyond coupled with a slew of 70s psych-folk classics? In With Light And With Love I would find my answer.

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New Bicycle

On the Radio at KSVR: A Psychedelic & Garage Mix

I picked up a new toy a few hours before my show. My bike had been in the shop for a few days with a broken spoke and to get a new chain and cassette (the latter of which was a special order item), and I decided to try out a 2012 model Trek. Ended up using my old bike as a trade in and coming home with the new ride pictured above. With this kind of reckless spending, I needed a garage/psychedelic rock kind of night.

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