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Belgian Fog Breaks the Mold on new MP3 “Before You Ever Talked”

Belgian Fog

Belgian Fog

I always get a bit giddy when I get a new unsolicited email from Robert Dale. It always precedes a new track. My fourth such email communication with Mr. Dale was no exception. And here, two days later, I am quite chuffed to present the fourth song by Dale’s project Belgian Fog: “Before You Ever Talked”.

Belgian Fog’s new track is a slight departure from what I’ve come to expect from Robert Dale. First, the song is early; previous tracks have been about six months in between, yet here we are less than four months since we premiered “Loveless Way”.

“Before You Ever Talked” is also not nearly as upbeat and immediately stunning as the previous three. (Note that this is only slightly the case, and something I believe to be a good thing. It makes you think; it makes you want to delve into the song a little more.)

I want you to be
Who you were
Before you ever talked

This is the focal lyric in the song, and earlier this week when first listening to it on repeat while mowing the lawn with my motorless reel lawn mower, it got me thinking deep about Belgian Fog.

“Before You Ever Talked”, in a way, helped Belgian Fog click for me. I’ve been a fan for ages, and this is the first time there was that Ah Ha! moment. Belgian Fog is very much an introspective project for Dale. A hint melancholy, somewhat pessimistic, but also quite stoic. It is what it is comes to mind, even as Dale spits out these lyrics.


You should never have opened your mouth; just let me live within my fantasy world.

I can relate. Maybe you can too. Check it out…

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