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Belgian Fog: Loveless Way (Premiere)

Belgian Fog - Loveless Way

Belgian Fog - Loveless Way

KEXP’s Robert Dale is back with a new track called “Loveless Way” from his solo project Belgian Fog. Like his previous singles “Wait For Help” and “You Drive Me to Madness”, “Loveless Way” is an electro-fused pop song with plenty of glorious beats, a few nods to synth-based genres of past, and a deeply introspective narrative. “I’d rather stay trapped in a loveless way / Than try to make the pain go…” sings Dale in the chorus.

“Loveless Way” does stand out from the rest; it’s not nearly as upbeat. Borderline sleepy. But the beats keep the song both active and interesting. It moves, just not as fast.

We’ve been a fan of Belgian Fog for about a year now (“Wait For Help” debuted last year on the 19th of February), and with each new song it becomes more and more apparent that Robert Dale is a meticulous songwriter, ensuring all elements are to his liking, editing and tweaking the track within days (maybe even hours) of its official release.

And this attention to detail and borderline OCD-ness is working: two consecutive listens and I’m hooked. Replay button, here I come!

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