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“With Light And With Love” May Just Be WOODS’ Best Song Ever.


Having heard most of Woods‘ previous material, and firmly believing Bend Beyond is their pinnacle to date, I was somewhat concerned what new material might bring. Would it live up to my worship of their 2012 LP? Would I be epically disappointed, requiring an injection-dose of Bend Beyond coupled with a slew of 70s psych-folk classics? In With Light And With Love I would find my answer.

The first glimpse inside was thoroughly disappointing, at least in the beginning.

Then they gave us the nine-minute title track. HOLY F@CK! MIND BLOWN! “With Light And With Love” blends everything I obsessed over in Bend Beyond and then piles on even more. A full nine-minutes worth of it!

The song includes psych-induces plenty of guitar ramblings, a damn catchy melody, and a few louds-to-softs-to-louds breaks that give the song added depth.

All I gotta say is my wife better love this one too.

Find it next week on Woodsist Records.

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