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Andy Fenstermaker

Andy Fenstermaker is a music lover, writer, marketing professional, and entrepreneur who has dedicated his life to sharing his passion for music with others. He is the founder of FensePost, a renowned music blog that has been sharing the latest and greatest in indie music since 2006. Andy has always been fascinated by the power of music to connect people, and he started FensePost with the aim of sharing his love of music with others. Andy developed a passion for music at a young age. Born and raised in the Pacific Northwest, Andy grew up surrounded by a vibrant music scene that left an indelible mark on him. He attended Washington State University, where he studied Communication and Business. He holds a BA in Communication and a Masters in Business Administration.  After graduating, Andy started writing about music and created FensePost as the outlet. The blog has a strong focus on indie music, but also covers a range of other genres including folk, indie pop, psychedelic, garage rock, and experimental.  Andy and the blog relocated to the Dallas/Fort Worth Metroplex in 2020.

The Dark Romantics: Heartbreaker [Album Review]

The Dark Romantics

Written by bob_vinyl

In the early 80s, Wall of Voodoo made some dark, moody and strangely captivating music out of a peculiar meeting of post-punk, synth pop and the roots of rock n roll. On Heartbreaker, The Dark Romantics (MySpace) find themselves at the same point where these influences flow together and they make music that is deliberately at odds with itself; nervous with pleading vocals and treble-y guitar or stark piano poking through smooth synth textures. Read More »The Dark Romantics: Heartbreaker [Album Review]

Dell Dome Summer Rocks [MixTape]

Dell Dome by Fense

Written by Fense

If you are a large corporation targeting the youth of today, it appears there are two places you want your messaging to be front and center. The first: anything dealing with Miley Cirus or Jonas Brothers. That’ll get you a massive audience, there’s no denying it. But, if you’re targeting less of a mainstream crowd, the place to be is summer music festivals. Dell is the latest to hop on the bandwagon, pumping up their Summer Rocks campaign at festivals across the country. Read More »Dell Dome Summer Rocks [MixTape]

Human Highway: Moody Motorcycle [Album Review]

Human Highway by Jaime Hogge

Written by Fense

For those devastated by the demise of The Unicorns in 2004, the sadness was short-lived and out of The Unicorns’ carcass burst Islands and, close to a year and a half later, Return To Sea graced independent radio stations and iPods throughout the nation. Now, ex-Unicorns and current Islands mastermind Nick Thorburn has teamed up with fellow Canadian musician (and sometimes Islands guitarist) Jim Guthrie for a new, stripped down project titled Human Highways. Read More »Human Highway: Moody Motorcycle [Album Review]

Tanya Tagaq

Tanya Tagaq: Auk~Blood [Album Review]

Tanya Tagaq

Written by bob_vinyl

When I was 16, my parents took me on a trip out West. On that trip, we spent three days at the Grand Canyon. Oddly enough, it wasn’t the most striking thing I saw on that trip, not because it wasn’t amazing, but because it was just too much to take in at once. The beauty of the Grand Canyon was unlike anything I’d ever seen before, too much to be appreciated in three short days. Ever since, I’ve wanted to return to see it again and let it sink in. That’s kind of the way I feel about Tanya Tagaq‘s Auk~Blood. There’s so much going on and it’s so unlike everything else that I can’t quite get my head around it. And I want to return over and over.

Read More »Tanya Tagaq: Auk~Blood [Album Review]

The Notwist: The Devil, You & Me [Album Review]

The Notwist

Written by Jon Hegglund

The first time I listened to The Devil, You & Me, I put it on the iTunes and walked away from the computer to do some chores around the house. At one point, after I thought the album had played in its entirety, a muted, pretty acoustic guitar came floating out over the computer speakers. I thought, initially, that it was the opening to Nick Drake’s lovelorn folk ballad, “Northern Sky.” Before my confusion could be cleared up—wait, “Ni” should come before “No,” right?—Markus Acher’s quiet, melancholy voice dropped in and I realized that, yes, this was still The Notwist, with “Gone Gone Gone,” their brief and beautiful coda to the album. Read More »The Notwist: The Devil, You & Me [Album Review]

Ian Curtis Joy Division Documentary

Joy Division [Film Review]

Written by bob_vinyl

This documentary was clearly released in tandem with Control and, while that was surely a good move commercially, it makes it difficult to get as involved in this versus Anton Corbijn’s brilliant dramatization. Of course, the two aren’t quite the same, Control being the story of Ian Curtis and Joy Division the story of the band itself. Nevertheless, this documentary has a hard time getting out of the shadows of Control.

Read More »Joy Division [Film Review]
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