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Adventure: Adventure [Album Review]


Written by Grant The Gumshoe

Adventure is a great one-note experience, and I do mean one-note; normally I listen to albums while I review them, but no such luck for this self-titled gem — there’s no point! I know that every single track here follows the same format and bends to the same artistic impulses, which in this case concerns video games, lots of them.

Adventure don’t hide their aims, letting the multicolor fun speak for itself. They’re mostly successful in their quest, though a few surprises would have earned them a high score or at least a few more bonus end-of-round points. But I digress: If video-game music had a last level, Adventure would have beaten its boss and seen the final credits and felt ripped off by such a tawdry prize.

But don’t worry, you won’t get that same feeling. This does not sound like a computer-generated experience. It’s warm, it has feeling, it breathes … just in pixels.

Adventure: Battle Cat [mp3]
[audio:0821_adventure_-_battle_cat.mp3|titles=Battle Cat|artists=Adventure]

Adventure by Adventure

Carpark [CD, 2008]

1. Loredo
2. Poison Diamonds
3. Civilization
4. Hyper Glow
5. Travel Kid
6. Iron Stallion
7. Battle Cat
8. Wild Wild Ride
9. Ultra Zone
10. Crypt Castle Cult
11. Jurassic Park City

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