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The Babies | Here Comes Trouble b/w My Tears | 7-Inch Single Review

The Babies Here Comes Trouble 7" Single

The Babies were a short lived garage rock band that released music predominantly between 2010 and 2012, though a digital single featuring two outtakes from their second LP dropped in 2015. Today I’m looking at one of a handful of singles the band gave us in 2011 — Here Comes Trouble b/w My Tears.

This limited 7-inch saw only 300 pressed, each with a handmade cover featuring one of two photos. The first one featured Kevin Morby who co-fronted the band with the feature artist on the second, Cassie Ramone. My copy, obviously, is the latter.

Before we jump too far into things, watch my coverage of the single below:

Like much of what The Babies released during their brief tenure as a band, this was produced by Woods member Jarvis Taveniere. 

Here Comes Trouble

“Here Comes Trouble” is a mellow, hazy garage rock track that opens with Ramone reciting the lyrics as opposed to singing them. Morby enters for the chorus before handing the reigns back to Ramone for the verse. Where her voice can, at times, be a bit grating and even slightly out of tune, she levels up here for one of The Babies best tracks, and my pick for their best non-album track.

While neither made it onto one of the band’s two LPs, “Here Comes Trouble” did make an appearance on another 2011 single featuring the band. That one was a split 7-inch with His Clancyness. It can also be found on Tour Tape #2, and — shortened to “Trouble” — on the band’s 2012 EP Cry Along With the Babies.

Listen to “Here Comes Trouble” below:

My Tears

“My Tears” is also quite solid. Not nearly as hazy and psychedelic-leaning, The Babies do pack it with plenty of mellow garage rock. 

The Babies Here Comes Trouble b/w My Tears 7" Single

“My Tears” made it onto Tour Tape #2 and Cry Along With the Babies as well.

I love this single! And while I have all the other releases mentioned aside from the Tour Tape, I don’t mind the duplication of both tracks on Here Comes Trouble b/w My Tears in my collection. 

Neither version of this single is easy to come by, and will set you back between $20 and $40 US before shipping and tax.

The Babies Here Comes Trouble Vinyl

Further Exploration

The Babies are no longer making music, they have reissued their debut LP. Kevin Morby struck out on a successful solo career while Cassie Ramone’s other project Vivian Girls reissued early releases not long ago on colored vinyl. If you like The Babies, you’ll probably enjoy the following records as well:

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