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Cassie Ramone

Cassie Ramone (by Saharana Shrestha)

Cassie Grzymkowski, best known for her stage name Cassie Ramone, is an artist and musician who, in addition to a solo career, has performed with Vivian Girls and The Babies.

Her solo style typically blends indie rock sub genres of lo-fi and garage rock. In 2o14 she released her debut solo LP, The Time Has Come. In addition to that release, she put out a holiday album Christmas in Reno in 2015, along with a handful of split singles.

Ramone is also an artist who created the work you’ll find on most of The Babies and Vivian Girls releases, as well as the self-titled LP from 2011 by La Sera.

Below you’ll find a collection of blog posts, album reviews, single and song reviews, features, lists, and more on FensePost that covers Cassie Ramone. Above photo by Saharana Shrestha.

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