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Voxtrot | Cut From The Stone: Rarities & B-Sides | Vinyl & Album Review

Voxtrot Cut From the Stone

Not long ago, I covered Voxtrot’s new LP Early Music, which consisted of the band’s first two EPs. Today, I’m looking at the companion piece they released at the same time, Cut From the Stone: Rarities & B-Sides. Today, I’m going to look at the latter in a comprehensive album review and vinyl unboxing.

Cut From the Stone Review

Like Early Music, Cut From the Stone includes a number of early tracks released by the band, including some notably rare B-Sides from 7-inch singles that are pretty hard to come by. Or, at least, they’ll set you back a pretty penny. 

Let’s start at the end. It concludes with “Dirty Version” which appeared as the b-side to The Start of Something, which is the priciest and hardest to come by single from Voxtrot. I’ll have a link in the description to my coverage on that single, which is in my collection. Similarly, there’s “Warmest Part of the Winter” which is off the Little Darla Has a Treat For You v.24 compilation on Darla Records. 

Jump to the single the band released just before parting ways: “Berlin Without Return” with the B-side “The Dream Lives of Other People” — both those tracks can be found here as well. 

You also have a handful of demos, including “The Start of Something” and “Your Biggest Fan.”

Brand New Voxtrot Songs

And finally, there are some rarities even I hadn’t heard: “Whiskey & Water,” “Fifteen Minutes,” “Loan Shark,” and “Kindergarten.” The first was recorded with Dirty Version all the way back in 2002!

In past videos I’ve done covering Voxtrot, I’ve noted how much I love this band and how excited I’ve been about their return. What I love about this is that it’s not just a collection of B-sides from all their 7-inch singles — especially given I own them all. It’s much boarder than that, making it not just a perfect companion for Early Music, but a warm companion for a die hard fan like myself.

So far, it’s been pressed twice, the first a limited edition of 500 on black vinyl, and the second a limited edition of 700 on pink wax. My copy is from the first pressing, so it’s the black vinyl version.

Cut From the Stone Vinyl

Want to take a deeper look at the vinyl itself? Check out my album review and vinyl unboxing video below, and don’t forget to Subscribe to my YouTube Channel!

NOTE: In the video, I highlight “The Warmest Part of the Winter” as being the B-Side to the Raised by Wolves 7-inch single when in fact it’s from the Darla Records compilation noted earlier in this review. The B-Side on Raised By Wolves is actually “They Never Mean What They Say” which is not included on this compilation.

Listen to the full album on Amazon Music.

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