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Voxtrot | Early Music | Album Review

Voxtrot Early Music Vinyl

Voxtrot is an indie pop band that formed in Austin, Texas, in 2003. They are also been one of my favorite bands, and have been since the release of their debut EP, Raised by Wolves all the way back in 2005. In fact, I’ve covered Voxtrot extensively over the past decade or so here at FensePost. Now that I’m going through and reviewing everything from my collection, more will be coming.

In 2003, the band released their first 7-inch single for their song “The Start of Something” on Cult Hero Records, which ultimately found its way onto that EP. With the release of Raised by Wolves, the single garnered quite a bit of attention from music blogs and websites. 

Voxtrot’s early music predominantly consisted of upbeat, jangly indie pop with super catchy melodies. Their music drew comparisons to bands like The Smiths, Belle And Sebastian, and The Housemartins. Pitchfork called their music “cleverly crafted pop that’s equal parts melancholic and euphoric,” while AllMusic described them as “charming, literate indie pop with a hint of post-punk edge.”

Lead singer Ramesh Srivastava’s lyrics often explored themes of love, loss, and self-discovery—all of which resonate deeply with me. They did back in 2005 at the ripe age of 25, and they do now, perhaps even more so, in 2023, comfortably in my early to mid 40s.

One of their most notable songs from this era is “The Start of Something,” which features jangly guitars, catchy hooks, and lyrics about the beginning of a new relationship that was seemingly off limits or an otherwise forbidden love. Other notable tracks from this period include “Raised by Wolves,” “Mothers, Sisters, Daughters & Wives,” and “Rise Up in the Dirt.”

The latter two were from the band’s second EP Mothers, Sisters, Daughters & Wives from 2006. 

Last week, this arrived: Early Music, a “compilation” that’s essentially those first two EPs: Raised by Wolves and Mothers, Sisters, Daughters & Wives.

While the band took a hiatus in 2010, they returned with this compilation LP and a rarities one called Cut From the Stone (more on that in another video) in 2022. Voxtrot embarked on a tour to support the release of these two compilation LPs. For many, the tour was a godsend as the band had remained relevant and continued to build a fanbase despite not touring, releasing new music, or even, well, existing. 

Take a look at Early Music; I unbox the record in the video review below:

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