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Damien Jurado Teases Two from Forthcoming LP The Monster Who Hated Pennsylvania

This week, Damien Jurado gave us the second track from his forthcoming LP The Monster Who Hated Pennsylvania. The new track is called “Tom” and like the previously released “Helena” and every other track on the new record, it tells an imagined story of a person crafted by Jurado.

And like past music by Damien Jurado, both “Tom” and “Helena” draw upon his mellow and melodic folky style of song craft. But unlike prior more recent records from the past decade, this time the LP will come from his own newly launched Maraqopa Records.

In January, I went on a bit of a Damien Jurado trip. Jurado, who has been a regular in playlists of mine over the past several years, never really found a comfortable spot in my collection. 

Sure, I added an OP of his 2002 record “Break Chairs” back in 2015 or so. And I stumbled upon two early singles during one of my many visits to Vancouver BC in 2019. But anything post 2002 was notedly absent.

Then he released What’s New, Tomboy? last year. After picking it up in December. That brought his music straight to the forefront of what I was listening to his style of melodic, often mopey indie folk having been a mainstay throughout 2020.

In January, I picked up 2008’s Caught in the Trees, 2010’s Saint Bartlett, and 2012’s Maraqopa

I had no clue that I would have to wait just be a few more months for something new by Jurado, who is joined by multi-instrumentalist Josh Gordon on the new record.

While “Tom” just reared its head this week, “Helena” debuted just over a month ago. Here’s that track:

Damien Jurado’s The Monster Who Hated Pennsylvania will come out May 14 on Marquopa Records.

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