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Club 8 Releases “Så Underbart Va Livet”, First New Tune of 2019

It appears a new Club 8 album may be upon us. In their first new material of 2019, the Swedish duo of Johan Angergård and Karolina Komstedt continue with softly ambient melodies similar to what they gave us on their previous LP, Golden Island (2018). While the title for “Så Underbart Va Livet” is in Swedish, the lyrics are in Club 8’s standard English.

Komstedt’s vocals are light and airy, a seductive melody that achieves both great happiness and conveys deep sadness simultaneously. “Så Underbart Va Livet” is downright hypnotic.

Check out the new track below, and let me know what you think in the comments. What’s your favorite Club 8 track?

Over 2 Decades of Club 8

Club 8’s 2018 LP, Golden Island, was their tenth proper LP with music dating back to 1995.

It’s time to dig into my collection and pull out some favorites. Granted, anything pressed to vinyl prior to their 2010 will cost you a pretty penny, so most in my collection are from the past decade.

“Whatever You Want” off The Boy Who Couldn’t Stop Dreaming (2008)

“Whatever You Want”, off The Boy Who Couldn’t Stop Dreaming (2008) finds Club 8 aligning their sound with that of another one of Johan Angergård’s bands–Acid House Kings. More than most of their other albums, The Boy Who Couldn’t Stop Dreaming takes on the upbeat nature of indie pop.

“Western Hospitality” off The People’s Record (2010)

The beginning notes of “Western Hospitality“, the opening track of Club 8’s 2010 LP The People’s Record, instantly jump out at you. It’s punchy, and the percussion digs into influences that are West African, Brazilian, and Afro-Cuban.

“Stop Taking My Time” off Above the City (2013)

In what was my favorite album of 2013, Above the City, Club 8 absolutely floored me with heavily danceable tunes like “Stop Taking My Time“. Where the band began the decade on the indie pop spectrum, by 2013 they had moved solidly into the electronic realm, and there is no better example of that than “Stop Taking My Time”.

The band would go on to emphasize the electronic again in Pleasure (2015) before morphing once again.

“Swimming With the Tide” off Golden Island (2018)

With 2018’s Golden Island, the band slipped back into an area they embodied early in their career in songs like “Love in December” off their 2001 self-titled LP.


But with songs like “Swimming With the Tide”, the sound is much more refined, the intricacies heightened. The non-Western influences may remain, but the songs on Golden Island are so dramatically different from what they gave us on The People’s Record that it’s almost unrecognizable as being the same band.

Also check out “Touch You” for further listening off this album.

Back to “Så Underbart Va Livet”

Listening to “Så Underbart Va Livet”, immediate lines are drawn to pretty much everything on Golden Island. It would find a welcome home on that album.

As with back-to-back releases like Above the City and Pleasure, Club 8 appears to be going in a new direction (on the first), then refining that sound on the follow up.

“Så Underbart Va Livet” is perhaps more powerful than any of the tracks found on Golden Island, which makes me very excited to hear what they have for us next.

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