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Club 8: Stop Taking My Time (Video)

Club 8

Club 8

Club 8 has released their second video for a song off their eighth LP, Above the City, this time for closing track and lead single “Stop Taking My Time”. This video follows a somewhat disturbing one about animal cruelty for album opener “Kill Kill Kill”. Throughout, Above the City is a return to the more dance-worthy beats Johan AngergÃ¥rd and Karolina Komstedt have sprinkled throughout Club 8’s 18-year career.

The one exception and outlier, of course, being the band’s brilliant previous album, The People’s Record.

About “Stop Taking My Time”, I noted:

In a way, the beats backing “Stop Taking My Time” are a bit reminiscent of what Angergård created with his third album under The Legends name, Facts & Fiction.

The new video is a play on colors and silhouettes, which add to AngergÃ¥rd’s dark synth lines and Komstedt’s dreamy vocals. Toward the end, Club 8 breaks from the silhouette trend and we actually see the band cast in assorted glows from the lighting.

“Stop Taking My Time” is easily the album favorite, but don’t take my word for it. There’s a lot of greatness on Above the City, so you should give the full LP a listen. It comes out May 21 on Labrador Records.

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