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Throw Me The Statue: Sharpshooters (BOAT Cover)

Throw Me The Statue

Throw Me The Statue

Can you remember 2006? I can. In particular, I can remember a little Seattle band I discovered as they neared the release of their debut LP, Songs That You Might Not Like. That band was and still is called BOAT. I’ve been a huge fan ever since.

BOAT is now prepared to drop their fifth LP, Pretend To Be Brave. The first 100 who pre-order the new album, available for pre-order in February, will receive a limited edition cassette with digital download of BOAT’s friends covering the new album. It’s called Pretend To Be BOAT.

Each Monday, BOAT will be releasing a new track from Pretend To Be BOAT and the first released is Throw Me The Statue‘s rendition of “Sharpshooters”. It finds TMTS diving into the electro-pop arena and is damn good. Seriously people, this is making me very, very excited.

In other words, I will be devastated if I’m not one of the first hundred to pre-order the album. Absolutely devastated. Check out “Sharpshooters” by Throw Me The Statue below and get yourself super f*cking excited for this release!

Be assured: we’ll be posting more about BOAT and their friends as the release date nears!

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