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The Babies: Feature

The Babies

If you aren’t familiar with The Babies, let me give you a far-too-brief backstory. The Babies began as Cassie Ramone (Vivian Girls), Kevin Morby (Woods) and Justin Sullivan (Bossy). They’ve since added a fourth and will be releasing their sophomore LP, Our House On The Hill, November 13 on Woodsist Records.

On the new LP, they debut Brian Schleyer as Morby’s replacement on bass, and Morby’s original role as songwriter has expanded to include Ramone on this release. In terms of what you can expect, think more instrumentation. For a trio (now quartet) that emphasizes the standard instruments – guitar, bass, drums – any added instrumentation would be considered more. On occasion, you’ll hear an organ or piano, or even strings or a saxophone.

Our House on the Hill sees the band expanding their sound, exploring different avenues of songwriting and music making than found on their self-titled debut. After a quick listen to the album, I’m leaning toward “Moonlight Mile” as the favorite. It has a great pop bounce with punk-leaning vocal patterns. You can hear traces of that great instrumentation Woods included on their latest (which is shaping up to be one of the year’s favorites for this writer).

So yeah, I’m digging The Babies. Check out “Moonlight Mile” above and “Get Lost” below. Both tracks can be found on The Babies’ new LP. You can also grab a single for “Moonlight Mile”, also on Woodsist.

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