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Fense’s Radio Show: September 28, 2012


There were a few unexpected surprises in this week’s show; some great new bands and new tracks from longtime favorites. Parenthetical Girls, who formed about 30 minutes South of here, have a new EP and it is superb; Alameda’s sophomore LP is pretty great as well. And the brand new track by Still Corners is phenomenal.

On the new band (at least to me) front, I was pretty impressed with Matt Bauer’s new EP, new tracks by Scott & Charlene’s Wedding and Sea Pinks, and the releases from Melody’s Echo Chamber and Ending People. Pretty excited to check out the new video for Beast Patrol’s “Parlour” which just came out as well.

Finally, I concluded the evening with a few old favorites: The Legends, The Anniversary and Tullycraft.

On the personal front, I listed the BMW for sale.

Radio Playlist

“It Ain’t Easy” by Woods off Bend Beyond
“Summer Dharma” by Alameda off Procession
“The Seed” by Owl Paws off Carry On

“Andaman Sea” by Matt Bauer off No Shape Can Hold Me Now
“Lifted” by Nat Baldwin off People Changes
“Portrait of a Reputation” by Parenthetical Girls off Privilege pt. V: Portrait of a Reputation

“A Pattern Recognition” by Sea Pinks off A Pattern Recognition
“Faded Leather Jacket” by Super Vacations off Heater Pt. II
“Crawl/Collapse” by White Laces off MOVES

“Footscray Station” by Scott & Charlene’s Wedding off Para Vista Social Club
“Sometimes” by Jim From The Moon off Space, Flesh & Woe
“I Follow you” by Melody’s Echo Chamber off Melody’s Echo Chamber

“Rabbit Chase” by Danny Seim off Blue Like Jazz Soundtrack
“Plaster” by Beast Patrol off Fierce & Grateful
“Fireflies” by Still Corners off Fireflies (7″ Single)

“Stay With You” by Parlours off All Is Here
“If I” by Machine Birds off Save Yourself EP
“Tiny Little Army” by Ending People off Fill Your Lungs
“Feel It All Around” by Washed Out off Life Of Leisure

“You’ll Miss Me” by She Does Is Magic off My Height in Heels
“Sore Tummy” by PAWS off Cokefloat
“The Glass Traditions” by Mystery Pills off Mystery Pills EP

“Our Day In Kansas” by Tullycraft off Disenchanted Hearts Unite
“Call It Ours” by The Legends off Up Against The Legends
“The Heart Is A Lonely Hunter” by The Anniversary off Designing A Nervous Breakdown

“Fairytales and Other Forms of Suicide” by The Old Ceremony off Fairytales and Other Forms of Suicide

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