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Fense’s Radio Show: September 7, 2012

Vintage Schwinn Exerciser

It’s been a whirlwind few weeks, finishing the kitchen project, rearranging the living room (the above photo is from that project) and now beginning to terrace the back yard. It’s hard to imagine I found time to check out new music. This week’s favorite discoveries include the new LP by The Maldives, the latest by Dana Falconberry and Art Circus, a phenomenal new LP by Woods, more great stuff from White Blood Cells out of Vancouver, and Upside Drown off a new little Olympia-based label called Antiquated Future Records.

Tune in at KSVR on Fridays at 10pm PST.

“Deer Creek Canyon” by Sera Cahoone off Deer Creek Canyon
“Blood On The Highway” by The Maldives off Muscle For The Wing
“French Films” by Adam Hill off Two Hands, Tulips

“If It’s All Right With You (It’s All Right With Me) Pt. 1” by Simon Joyner off Ghosts
“Stitch The Hem” by Bowerbirds off The Clearing
“Lake Charlievoix” by Dana Falconberry off Leelanau

“My Heart Hurts” by Art Circus off Apples And Oranges
“Rain Or Snow” by Seamonster off Baldessari
“Survive” by Bear Mountain off xo

“Sleepwalker” by Moon Duo off Circles
“No Distance” by White Blood Cells off Get Going
“Where Did She Go” by The Sufis off The Sufis

“Fascinated” by The Fresh And Onlys off Play It Strange
“Bend Beyond” by Woods off Bend Beyond
“Stay Wild” by Helvetia off Nothing In Rambling

“She Was A Good Kisser” by Falling Out Of Love At This Volume off She Was A Good Kisser (Single)
“You Never Notice Me” by The Garlands off You Never Notice Me / Continue (Single)
“Sheltering Sky” by Upside Drown off Mood Music

“Fever Birds” by Tam Lin off Garden In Flames
“Grisaille” by Ghost off In Stormy Nights
“Pale Lights” by Mount Eerie off Ocean Roar (codes)

“The Time of You” by Vinca Minor off Capital of Sorrow
“I Walked Home Beholding” by Mount Eerie off Ocean Roar (codes)
“Apsis III: We Raise Our Eyes Between The Walls Of Glass And Steel” by Red Room Cinema off Apsis

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