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Fense’s Radio Show: August 24, 2012

Crown Ballroom in Portland

Visiting the parents is often a stressful time. Despite their incessantly busy schedules, they have actually learned to relax in retirement despite their hectic lifestyle. I visited them two weekends ago now. Hence the absence of an August 17 radio show recap; there was none. Instead, I participated in my brother’s wedding.

Having just one brother, this was a first. And I’m very excited to have a new sister. He and Diane dated five years before their engagement, just like Andi and myself. (Their engagement story, too, has similarities to ours.) Anyway, they married at the Crown Ballroom in downtown Portland. The ceremony was short and sweet and we all had a blast, despite the heat.

Now, when I visit my parents just outside Portland, I typically take the train. This allows for a solid five hours of prime writing time. Since passenger trains are now equipped with wireless capabilities, it can be a very productive time. Not only did I put together pieces for most of the week, I prepped some of the radio show for August 24. A lot of great tunes!

Radio Playlist

“Flowers In Your Hair” by The Lumineers off The Lumineers
“The Creature” by Kurt Vile off So Outta Reach EP
“Soul In Lust” by The High Dials off War Of The Wakening Phantoms

“Forget The Song” by Beachwood Sparks off Tarnished Gold
“Crazy” by Rory James And The Majestic off The Passage
“Naked” by Sera Cahoone off Deer Creek Canyon

“Let This Body Go” by Death Songs off First Record
“If I Left Tomorrow” by Simon Joyner off Ghosts
“Weights” by Nat Baldwin off People Changes

“Would You Say Stop? (Perfect Nines Remix)” by Acid House Kings off Music Sounds Better Remixed
“Western Hospitality” by Club 8 off The People’s Record

“Mtn Tune” by Trails And Ways off Trilingual (Singles)
“Softkiss” by Lemonade off Diver
“Beatcha” by Dinosaur Feathers off Whisper Tips

“Tattoo” by Peace off The World Is Too Much With Us
“Nothing In Rambling” by Helvetia off Nothing In Rambling

“A Troubled See” by Girls Names off A Troubled See/House Of Secrets
“Fascinated” by The Fresh And Onlys off Play It Strange
“Shelley” by Darlings off Pet The Ghost (Single)

“Teenage Girls” by Bleeding Knees Club off Virginity EP
“Sixpack” by Jeff The Brotherhood off Hypnotic Nights
“Chasing My Mind” by Holograms off Holograms

“Opillia” by Death Songs off First Record
“Terracur” by Social Studies off Developer

“Mom And Me Versus You And Dad” by Pan off These are the things I love, and I want to share them with you.

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