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Paladino: Ode to Misery (Video)

Paladino is a Los Angeles-based band that creates a blend of Americana, old-time country and psychedelic folk. Their blend is an interesting one that incorporates playful, intricate guitar riffs with mopey, downtrodden vocals. It’s precisely what you want from such a band; “Ode to Misery” is plenty upbeat. Enough to make you dance. Their video is proof.

What impresses me most about Paladino is their ability to pack songs with a fever; ferocious and feral. Each has double-timed percussion and guitar riffs while the vocals maintain a slow and steady melancholy nonchalant-ness that’s simply brilliant.

“Ode to Misery” is off the band’s brand new self-titled LP, which arrived earlier this week. Check out the video below and listen to one of my favorites, “Mexicali Rainsong”, off their new album.

Listen: “Mexicali Rainsong” by Paladino
[audio:111117-paladino-mexicali-rainsong.mp3|titles=Mexicali Rainsong|artists=Paladino]

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