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JJUUJJUU: G 4 A G (mp3)


I love that astral, swirling hypnotic sound of bands that create deafening psychedelic rock. You hear it in Wooden Shjips and Moon Duo, and now in LA band JJUUJJUU. This duo consists of Andrew Clinco (Incan Abraham) and Phil Pirrone (Moon Block Party), creating a monumental, energetic sound in “G 4 A G” off their new three-song EP, Ancient’s Future. Read More »JJUUJJUU: G 4 A G (mp3)

Maston Band

Maston: Messages (Video)

Maston Band

You may not know the name Tyler T. Williams, but I do. This is the same TTW that directed the stunning, emotional video for “Montana” by Youth Lagoon, as well as that band’s breathtaking night of horror for “July”. It’s the same Tyler Williams that has done similarly impressive videos for Pandit, Coma Cinema, Entrepreneurs and Craft Spells. Not to mention Finn Riggins. He now turns his sights on Trouble in Mind psychedelic artist Maston. Read More »Maston: Messages (Video)

The Lovely Bad Things: Fried Eyes

The Lovely Bad Things

I was pretty excited to receive The Late Great Whatever by The Lovely Bad Things in the mail right around the turn of the year. After all, the band’s 2012 EP, Old Ghost New Waves, just cracked the top five in my top 15 EPs of 2012. The new album is set for a February 26 release on Volcom Entertainment, and “Fried Eyes” is the first track to debut publicly from the band. Read More »The Lovely Bad Things: Fried Eyes

PAPA: I Am The Lion King MP3


PAPA is the side project of Girls’ drummer Darren Weiss and their music fits well with the chill California sound of Weiss’ other band. “I Am The Lion King” is a track off the band’s new EP, A Good Woman Is Hard To Find. You can hear the track below; it has an edge to it, but it’s laid back. Laid back like you’d expect from a late August/early September anthem. It hints of the beach and summer. And, after listening to the entirety of the new album, I find it pretty easy to say that — albeit very good — it’s definitely not the best track on the EP! Read More »PAPA: I Am The Lion King MP3

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