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Fense’s Radio Show: October 14, 2011

Being that my typical night consists of hitting the sack at around 10pm, and that my new radio show is Friday nights from 10pm to midnight, I figured that my second show would center around the theme of sleep. So I pieced together a playlist of bedroom pop, chill wave, dreamy shoegaze and what I’ve dubbed as psychedelic ambiance.

I took over for Stuarto just after 10 with a brief description of my first track, which I don’t believe made it on air. The switch-over was a bit rushed and I don’t believe I hit the “on” button allowing my voice to hit the airwaves. But Blood started and I was off; I gave the rundown after the song and continued on my way.

45 minutes before the show, I was in downtown Mount Vernon, stopping by Ristretto for an Americano. A show about sleep, starting at my bed-time; coffee was a necessity.

Below is the playlist. Click any bold track to listen to the song, and right-click it to download.

Radio Set #1

“The Ghost in our House” by Erik Blood off Music from the film Center of Gravity
“Happy Holiday” by Anois off Tree House Whispers
“White Fawn” by Pomegranates off One of Us
“To the Lighthouse” by Memoryhouse off The Years EP

Radio Set #2

“Stars” by Warpaint off Exquisite Corpse
“Velveteen” by Still Corners off Creatures of an Hour
“The Sea” by Exitmusic off From Silence
“Hands in the Sky” by Here We Go Magic off The January EP
“One Hundred” by Cock & Swan off Unrecognize

Radio Set #3

“Older Brother” by Pepper Rabbit off Beauregard
“All Apologies And Smiles, Yours Truely, Ugly Valentine” by Carissa’s Wierd off They’ll Only Miss You When You Leave: Songs 1996-2003
“Okay” by Venice Is Sinking off AZAR

Radio Set #4

“Secrets” by Silver Swans off Secrets
“Swim” by Oh No Ono off Eggs
“Ghosts in the Machine” by Death And Vanilla off Death And Vanilla
“Breakers” by Gem Club off Breakers

Radio Set #5

“Tunnels” by Port St. Willow off Even // Wasteland
“Marie Says You’ve Changed” by Papercuts off Fading Parade
“Beach Baby” by Bon Iver off Blood Bank

Radio Set #6

“So Long” by Fruit Bats off Tripper
“I’m So Lonesome I Could Cry” by Gabriel Miller Phillips off One For The Crow
“Shed Like An Hour” by Snails off Shed Like An Hour / Daylight Ends 7″ Single
“Reaching Out” by German Error Message off After the Warmth
“The Ballad of the Broken Birdie Records” by Mum off Yesterday Was Dramatic, Today Is Okay

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