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Warpaint: Stars [Video]


Warpaint combines hypnotic, surreal vocals with a backing sound somewhere between psychedelic and shoegaze. It would be calming were it not for the anxious tension in the instrumentation, continually pressing forward. They use it well, beginning “Stars” with a simple minimalistic guitar.

Warpaint pairs this dreamy sound with a video muddled in darkness, yet at the same time lucid. Not until two minutes in do we hear percussion, which leads the song into a lengthy, swirling instrumental bout of shoegaze before ever so slowly building, but never quite reaching that cataclysmal climax. Instead, Warpaint leaves directors Adam Harding and Burke Roberts to do just that – and they do.

“Stars”, along with the two tracks below, “Elephants” and “Billie Holiday”, can be found on Warpaints’ EP Exquisite Corpse, out this month on Manimal Vinyl.

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