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Railcars: Said Sister (7-inch Review)


It is surprising to hear Railcars stripped down, without the terrifying noise and Aria Jalali’s Jamie Stewart (Xiu Xiu) like shrieks. Said Sister covers a different side of Jalali’s basement noise pop outfit, featuring two early tracks each with a different female vocalist.

“B’s Skeleton” is a chill, near electro-psychedelic track with a laid-back cool drum beat and highly melodic, haunting keys. And it’s fronted by equally ethereal vocals. Not at all what you’d expect from a band that gave us Cathedral With No Eyes.

On the B-side track “Saints Are Waiting”, we hear a little of the Railcars we know today, if only in the percussive style. The song is still entirely withdrawn from the noise subgenre Railcars now fits, but the emphasis on drums is all too familiar.

Both songs on Said Sister are a unique brand of experimental noise pop that aren’t all that noisy, and it makes for some very interesting and original stuff. Furthermore, the single’s exclusivity should not be ignored — Gold Robot Records pressed a mere 250 of these gems!

Grab one before it’s gone!

Download: “Saints Are Waiting” by Railcars
[audio:110608-railcars-saints-are-waiting.mp3|titles=Saints Are Waiting|artists=Railcars]


Gold Robot Records [7″ Single, 2011]

1. B’s Skeleton
2. Saints Are Waiting

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