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Young Hunting

Young Hunting releases Hazel on Gold Robot Records

Young Hunting

In 2010, Young Hunting released a single called Into Your Mind; featuring the band at the time, I noted how the band was somewhat reminiscent of Swedish artist Moto Boy. The band also employed hints of The Beach Boys-style harmonies and had some Harry Nillson references too. Three years later, after a handful of additional singles, we finally have Young Hunting’s debut LP, Hazel. Read More »Young Hunting releases Hazel on Gold Robot Records

Ned Oldham: Let’s Go Out Tonight 7″ [Review]


A quick read-up on Ned Oldham will tell you he creates mystical Americana folk songs. A listen to his music will support those words. You could even consider questioning his namesake — could it be the less backwoods kin of Will Oldham? Indeed he is. Here he steps out from behind his more well known brother, and away from The Anomoanon of which he fronts, for a wondrous three-song single on Gold Robot Records. On a translucent blue vinyl disc housed within among the best album cover art of the year (courtesy Kevin Earl Taylor), his songs are pure folk heaven. Read More »Ned Oldham: Let’s Go Out Tonight 7″ [Review]

Seamonster: Two Birds [Album Review]


From the beach to the mountains, Seamonster‘s Two Birds echoes utmost pleasantries through the audible channel of lo-fi psychedelic folk-pop. Its pop charm is masked by the static white noise of immense distortion, mixed down to a satisfactory non-overpowering level, and warped with the sounds of summertime. “Oh Appalachia” is a beachgoers ode to the mountains. “The Philosophy Of Andy Warhol” will paint a pop-culture picture on the back of your eyelids while you lay, back on grass, facing a clear blue sky. Read More »Seamonster: Two Birds [Album Review]

Railcars Take Miraculous ‘Cathedral With No Eyes’ On The Road


San Francisco garage-noise-pop outfit Railcars dropped their new record yesterday, a mystical collective of ferocious bouts of electro noise dubbed Cathedral With No Eyes. You may remember Railcards from our debut/premiere of “Passion Of St. Edmund (Rebirth)”, or maybe even our premature review of Cathedral With No Eyes from a month and a half ago. Frontman Aria Jalali takes noise and throws it through a lollipop dreamboat; its almost unbelievably upbeat pop nature is something that simply must be heard. Read More »Railcars Take Miraculous ‘Cathedral With No Eyes’ On The Road

Railcars: Cathedral With No Eyes (Album Review)

Cathedral With No Eyes is a rarity — it’s an album that would be ideal from start to finish in a live setting. Raw with passion, overwhelming with overly disorienting music so loud it drowns out any errant thoughts.

Railcars [Feature Band]


I love stumbling across great acts by mistake. Recently, elsewhere, I posted a brief rant on the Joy Division film about Ian Curtis called Control. In the post, I noted that my true introduction to Joy Division’s music stemmed from a cover of “Celebration” Xiu Xiu included on Chapel Of The Chimes. Well, when I saw a post by Railcars titled Xiu Xiu fans rejoice… I had to check them out. Read More »Railcars [Feature Band]

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