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Figurines: Hanging From Above [Video]


To be honest, I haven’t spent much time with Figurines’ previous work. Though I’ve been told a few times I would really enjoy it. So when I saw a note in my inbox that they’ve got a new one on the way and that this here video had been released, I figured it was time I dig in and check them out. And whoever told me I would enjoy this band was spot on — “Hanging From Above” is a phenomenal song!

The video for “Hanging From Above” is also quite great. It’s the life you want — fashionable, superb old cars, a European beach house, and attractive friends to bide the time. The song is angular and interesting, highly catchy and easy to dig. I can see other fellow Denmark bands pulling influence from these guys; acts like Mew and Oh No Ono.

As noted before, Figurines has a new LP on the way. It will be released via The Control Group

Download: “New Colors” by Figurines
[audio:110330-figurines-new-colors.mp3|titles=New Colors|artists=Figurines]

Figurines “Hanging From Above” from The Control Group on Vimeo.

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