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The Migrant

The Migrant Returns with ‘Beads’

The Migrant

Denmark artist Bjarke Bendtsen, better known state-side as The Migrant, is back with his third album. Beads continues Bendtsen’s collective-style experimental/psychedelic folk-pop leanings. Loosely translated, GFRock calls the new album “A meditative journey in Nordic Americana.” Earlier this month, the band gave us a video created by a woman named Mary for album highlight “The Pony”. Read More »The Migrant Returns with ‘Beads’

Cannon Beach: Concrete, People And Things (Album Review)

Cannon Beach Concrete People and Things

Along the Oregon coast protrudes a giant, monolith called Haystack Rock. Standing 235-feet tall, it is the easily the most defining item in Cannon Beach, giving the seaside town a short drive south from Astoria its fame. I know the Cannon Beach (and surrounding) area quite well from my childhood, having spent several week-long summer vacations along the northern Oregon coast in the late ’80s. Read More »Cannon Beach: Concrete, People And Things (Album Review)

Indians: I Am Haunted (Video)

Indians Band from Denmark

Last year, we saw a slew of videos that featured band members being killed in one gruesome fashion or another. Looks like we’re kicking of 2013 in a similar manner; “I Am Haunted” finds Indians front-man Søren Løkke Juul being tormented and tortured by a woman whose face remains, for the most part, hidden from view. The camera swirls around the basement space, where Juul is tied to a chair, slowly becoming more and more bruised and bloody.

Read More »Indians: I Am Haunted (Video)
Sleep Party People Band

Sleep Party People: A Dark God Heart (NSFW Video)

Sleep Party People is a band that knows how to dominate your emotions, blending elements of post-rock, bedroom pop and shoegaze for a sound both terrifying and beautiful. The video for their song “A Dark God Heart” documents the fragility of life and the sorrow in death. The saying is Innocence is bliss, but I disagree. This video shows there is beauty is loss and tragedy, and as cliche sayings go It’s better to have loved and lost, than to never loved at all.

Read More »Sleep Party People: A Dark God Heart (NSFW Video)

The Boombox Hearts: Crank It Up (Video)

The Boombox Hearts

These days, it’s hard to focus on anything unfamiliar that hits my inbox. The sheer quantity of emails that come in is staggering. Only doing FensePost full time would allow me to get through it all. Every once in a while, there’s a free moment in which I take a quick look at a few, and I’m almost never disappointed. “Crank It Up” is one such song. It’s by a little Danish band called The Boombox Hearts. Read More »The Boombox Hearts: Crank It Up (Video)

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