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Pillow [Feature]


I still find it astonishing that the 90s were more than a decade ago. That would also mean that Pillow, this little-known Swedish group, met its demise in the early days of the Internet. Unfortunately, that means there is very little about this band available, and with a name simple and commonplace in terminology — well that makes it even more difficult. What one can gather is that this band existed in the 90s, staring in 1995. They recorded a bit, but most never received an actual release. Until now.

Pillow created light pop in the vein of Swedish pop from the era. It’s lo-fi and just a hint twee, much like their more popular contemporaries from Labrador Records of the era. Their new (and long-overdue) posthumous album is called Learning to Labour, and it features 22 great tracks listed as the “best” from the band’s unreleased material. That’s pretty impressive — let me say it again: 22 songs.

Head over to Jigsaw Records and pick up this album for $5!

Above photo by just.Luc.

Download: “2 Weird Happenings” by Pillow
[audio:110224-pillow-2-weird-happenings.mp3|titles=2 Weird Happenings|artists=Pillow]

Download: “This Is The Trick” by Pillow
[audio:110224-pillow-this-is-the-trick.mp3|titles=This Is The Trick|artists=Pillow]

Download: “Overruled By You” by Pillow
[audio:110224-pillow-overruled-by-you.mp3|titles=Overruled By You|artists=Pillow]

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