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Solid Gold Cowboy album art from Unlikely Friends

Unlikely Friends Release Solid Gold Cowboy on Jigsaw Records

Solid Gold Cowboy album art from Unlikely Friends

Let’s take a trip back in time. The year is 2006, and FensePost is only a few months old. I stumble upon a newly relocated indiepop artist called BOAT. The band moved from Chicago to Seattle and landed a spot on the Magic Marker Records roster for their debut LP Songs That You Might Not Like. Around the same time, via the twee-favorite Matinee Records imprint, I discovered Seattle indiepop band Math & Physics Club. Read More »Unlikely Friends Release Solid Gold Cowboy on Jigsaw Records

Pillow [Feature]


I still find it astonishing that the 90s were more than a decade ago. That would also mean that Pillow, this little-known Swedish group, met its demise in the early days of the Internet. Unfortunately, that means there is very little about this band available, and with a name simple and commonplace in terminology — well that makes it even more difficult. What one can gather is that this band existed in the 90s, staring in 1995. They recorded a bit, but most never received an actual release. Until now. Read More »Pillow [Feature]

Label Spotlight: Jigsaw Records


The man behind Jigsaw Records has insurmountable knowledge about the most underground of bands, of obscure labels from all corners of the planet, most of which favor various subgenres and sub-subgenres of indie pop. This knowledge should not be regarded lightly, as Chris McFarlane has had his eye on the industry, and in some form has been a part of it, for a very long time. McFarlane is the purveyor of great underground pop music from his brick and mortar shop dubbed Jigsaw Records in the Ballard neighborhood of Seattle. The record label was re-birthed from the record shop, which opened earlier this year. Not ringing a bell? This might: Chris was also the main man behind the IndiePages website. Read More »Label Spotlight: Jigsaw Records

Spraydog: Karate Summer Camp [Album Review]


In fashion we are edging back to the early nineties. The spawn of Bruce Willis and Demi Moore was recently photographed in a flannel shirt. Seattle groups are beginning to look like tailored lumberjacks with their button down, tight fit flannels and lengthy beards. And music is beginning to look to the early days of grunge as we embark on the 20th anniversary of Sub Pop Can you tell yet that this is a repost from 2008?. Spraydog definitely fits the grunge mold, mashing with it garage pop and a droning lo-fi power pop. Add to these elements a blend of boy/girl vocals and the definition is complete. Read More »Spraydog: Karate Summer Camp [Album Review]

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