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Sleep Party People: 10 Feet Up [Video]

Sleep Party People

I think my exact words upon hearing this song and starting this video, as posted to my personal Facebook page, were “OMG. OBSESSION. SRLSLY.” Although, being a few beers deep in a local pub, I misspelled “seriously.” Sleep Party People‘s XSESSIONS video for the song “10 Feet Up” finds the band creating wildly psychedelic noises that simply must be heard. And they’re wearing bunny masks and dressed in all black, tight clothing. Sleep Party People hints of Sweden’s The Knife, but without all that creepy stuff.

You’re SRLSLY demented if I need to write more to convince you to watch this video. SRLSLY. Watch it, then check out the full XSESSIONS by Sleep Party People.

Bonus: Here’s the XSESSIONS audio of “I’m Not Human At All”

1 thought on “Sleep Party People: 10 Feet Up [Video]”

  1. wow. yeah. something about this track really makes me smile. it’s quirky, it’s different. i thought it was just going to be a piano track then it gets all…interesting. i like this a lot.

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