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Sin Fang: Landslide [Video]


Sin Fang (formerly Sin Fang Bous) is the solo project of Sindri Már Sigfusson, a major force in Icelandic band Seabear. I’ve found Sindri’s work to be very engrossing and artistic, from the music itself to the videos Sigfusson creates. In fact, his last solo album, Clangour, cracked my top 10 for 2009. So it is with great anticipation that we await his follow up. And we won’t have to wait long. Sin Fang’s next album, Summer Echoes, is scheduled to drop March 2011.

In preparation for the release, Sindri will dole out a few limited 7-inch singles featuring two quite popular covers, one for Simon & Garfunkel’s “The Only Living Boy In New York” and the other Fleetwood Mac’s “Landslide”. You can watch Sin Fang perform an acoustic version of the latter below.

Excitement over Sing Fang’s pending release aside, there’s likely to be speculation that I only wrote and posted this piece because the bearded picture of Sindri located above is perhaps the best band photo I’ve seen all year.

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