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Sin Fang Bous: Clangour And Flutes [Video]

Sin Fang Bous

Written by Fense

Sin Fang Bous is the most promising electro-pop artist I’ve heard in a very long time – probably since Morr (SFB’s label) released the self-titled debut by Electric President. This group hails from Iceland, but you won’t hear much of Sigur Ros or Bjork here. It’s tailored more to the likes of their label’s German headquarters.

Their debut album came out last December, but the appearance of their November 7-inch for the song “Advert In Ives Garden” is how they landed in my radar. It’s packed with video-game-y bleeps and bloops and Animal Collective-like vocals sans their animal-like nature. It’s also very, very catchy. The video for “Advert In Ives Garden” is an interesting artsy digital piece that’s bizarre and, like the song it represents, a bit mesmerizing.

The B-side the the Advert In Ives Garden single is “Clangour And Flutes” and the video for that one can be seen below. It’s the newer of the two, and like its predecessor it has a heavy digital element, but unlike that video it also has some non-digital parts. Again, both songs are super catchy and are among the best things I’ve discovered thus far in 2009. Get your copy of the Advert In Ives Garden single and/or the Clangour LP from Morr Music.

Sin Fang Bous: Advert In Ives Garden [mp3]
[audio:090123_sin_fang_bous_-_advert_in_ives_garden.mp3|titles=Advert In Ives Garden|artists=Sin Fang Bous]

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