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Neil Nathan: California Run [Video]


Neil Nathan has to be one of the coolest people on earth. Imagine hitchhiking along a California highway with nothing but you’re sultry vocals and a dusty guitar case. Then, imagine that you were so in love with someone that you would not only travel a lost road for however long it might take to find them (3 1/2 minutes, maybe?), but that even being picked up by Rosario Dawson in a sweet hybrid couldn’t deter said love? Sound like a crazy scenario? Sure it does. But, that is exactly what sweet talkin’, love searching Neil has done in his video from the super catchy track “California Run”.

Not long ago (weeks actually) I wrote an album review for Nathan’s LP The Distance Calls. In said review I can be quoted as saying that our wondering hero is “without a doubt a rising figure in the indie pop world”. I now feel as though I should have refrained from making that comment. And it’s not because I had no idea that Rosario Dawson was once his roommate in college (but, it doesn’t hurt). No, a change must be made simply because the mass appeal of “California Run”, as well as its corresponding video, are so well perfected, and the track is such a perfect single it’s awe inspiring.

I still contest that it is not the best song on the record (that honor still belongs to “Far Off”). But, I will be damned if our man Neil isn’t in the running for the “next big thing” label that comes at the beginning of superstardom. Let’s just hope that our hero remains somewhat close to his independent roots. Don’t forget the little people Mr. Nathan!

Download: “California Run” by Neil Nathan
[audio:100811-neil-nathan-california-run.mp3|titles=California Run|artists=Neil Nathan]

Neil Nathan’s “California Run” from Ric Serena on Vimeo.

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