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Neil Nathan: The Distance Calls [Album Review]


Damn the struggles of being inevitably just too late on some things. The Ripple Effect already said it best about Neil Nathan when they said he was a “perfect balance of rock and soul”. In the simplest form, that is exactly what this cool cat and his debut album The Distance Calls really is. A splendid array of old school highway rock mixed with a decent batch of new age love ballads that are smoother than the cooking process of Hamburger Helper.

“California Run” is by all means the star pupil of The Distance Calls. It’s a summer driving song that is filled with nothing less than the highest spirits imaginable. But, dig a bit deeper, and the aforementioned love (not necessarily a relationship sort of love I might add) really begins to shine. “Far Off” and “Sweet Darlin'” might not have the exact jingle-jangly type rhythm as the overall feel Nathan seems to be working towards, but they are exactly where our man shines his brightest.

Neil Nathan is without a doubt a rising figure in the indie pop world. He has found proper placement though, alongside friends like Alan Semerdijan and Golden Bloom. The Distance Calls is an album that could very well be thrown into a mix along the lines of any given Fairweather release, and would be able to hold its ground with no struggle whatsoever. The guy has a talent and an acoustic swagger that is undeniably real.

The Distance Calls hits on August 24.

Download: “California Run” by Neil Nathan
[audio:100811-neil-nathan-california-run.mp3|titles=California Run|artists=Neil Nathan]


[CD, 2010]

1. Do Ya
2. California Run
3. When the Rain Falls
4. Highways
5. So Much More
6. Get On
7. Don’t Walk Away
8. Disappear
9. Never Enough
10. Too Late 11. Eyes Wide Open
12. Sweet Darlin’
13. Better Be Goin’
14. Far Off

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