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Pallers: The Kiss [mp3]

Sweden’s Pallers gave us the critically acclaimed “Humdrum” a year or two ago, and backed the single with a few remixes of the song. Time has passed, and they’ve finally blessed us with a new tune, this one dubbed “The Kiss”. The song flirts with the same chill, DJ-inspired electronica of “Humdrum” but there seems to be a bit more depth to the track. It’s emotive, like its predecessor, but it also contains a bit more warmth.

States Labrador Records, who released the Humdrum single and will do the same on its follow-up, “The Kiss” was inspired by a DJ-set by Tobi Neumann in Ibiza and offers an unrivaled blend of hypnotic electronica, sweeping synthesizers and embracing pop-melancholy that just keeps building.

The statement is fitting; the song builds from its brooding, moody beginning into a solid, danceable track with a hint of overcast sunshine. In “The Kiss”, Pallers has audibly created an aura of hope. And it’s no wonder, it features Johan Angergard (Acid House Kings, Club 8, The Legends) of whom I’m an extremely big fan. “The Kiss” hits all the right points — it has a good beat, inspires movement, and has a hint of depression that simply cannot be ignored.

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