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Robin Grey: Strangers With Shoes [Album Review]


Robin Grey is working his way up from being a “hidden treasure of the European underground” with his breakthrough sophomore release, Strangers With Shoes. The wonder of Stoke Newington has compiled some beautiful and obviously poetic-based tracks for the troubadours and sun chasers of the world to use to feel whole again. Grey has always been a splendid storyteller, but he’s outdone even himself this time around.

It’s only fair to mention for first time listeners that Robin pulled “I Love Leonard Cohen” and “Shakes And Shudders” from his 2008 EP (see the review here). Nevertheless, the theme of Strangers With Shoes is perfectly on key and a real thing of complete and utter beauty. The fancy and jingle-jangled “Younger Looking Skin” is an obvious highlight because of its exceptional and rhythmic attitude. But, the spotlight tracks have to be the all new and superbly sweetened songs “The Suitors of Ballyhoo” and the devilishly clever “Ninety Days”. Of Course, since Mr. Grey has never produced a poor song, each track is exceptional in it’s on way.

An album like Strangers With Shoes is hard to come by these days. A true artist such as Robin Grey knows how to create a piece of art that is completely solid. It’s been almost three years since his debut album, Only The Missile. With only one EP released between that time and now, this album was obviously bred from a very well thought-out plan by a brilliant man. And from this hard work and dedication comes what can, in my opinion, already be considered one of the best albums of 2010.

Robin Grey: Ninety Days [mp3]
[audio:100211-robin-grey-ninety-days.mp3|titles=Ninety Days|artists=Robin Grey]

Robin Grey: The Suitors Ballyhoo [mp3]
[audio:100211-robin-grey-the-suitors-ballyhoo.mp3|titles=The Suitors Ballyhoo|artists=Robin Grey]


1. Younger Looking Skin
2. Till Dawn
3. I Love Leonard Cohen
4. The Suitors of Ballyhoo
5. Montreal
6. Shakes & Shudders
7. Ninety Days
8. Roses From Africa

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