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Robin Grey: I Love Leonard Cohen [Album Review]

Robin Grey

Here is an artist that seems to revel in acoustic sweetness. London’s Robin Grey (MySpace) invites you into his coffee shop friendly world on his latest release. I Love Leonard Cohen is a four-track EP so splendid Mr. Cohen himself should be more than honored to have such a talented fan. Anyone looking for a fun-filled depressive state, look no further.

Grey reminisces of greater times on the title track “I Love Leonard Cohen”. This is a masterful folk bit paying a strange tribute to anyone with a regretful memory, as well as simple odes to Meat Loaf, Jeff Buckley, R.E.M., and, more so than others, outplayed Weezer CDs. The blindingly smooth “Shakes and Shudders” is a beautiful backdrop while reading Kerouac’s tale of strength defying times at Desolation Peak – calm, beautiful, and a bit resentful of the pretentious normalcy.

Robin Grey will not need to do too much to prove himself an incendiary artist in the world of folk music. His calmly exquisite mannerisms seem to bring you back to a simpler time and place, whenever you want it to be. There is literature in his words. And I Love Leonard Cohen is a beautiful story, desperate to be told.

Robin Grey: I Love Leonard Cohen [mp3]
[audio:090126_robin_grey_-_i_love_leonard_cohen.mp3|titles=I Love Leonard Cohen|artists=Robin Grey]

Robin Grey: Shakes And Shudders [mp3]
[audio:090126_robin_grey_-_shakes_and_shudders.mp3|titles=Shakes And Shudders|artists=Robin Grey]

I Love Leonard Cohen by Robin Grey

[CDEP, 2008]

1. I Love Leonard Cohen
2. Before The Apple Falls
3. The Winter Blues
4. Shakes and Shudders
5. Chip Shop

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