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Shout Out Louds: Walls [Video]


There is a time and place for a band like the pop frenzied Shout Out Louds. And that time is obviously now. Their latest single “Walls” is a verbal demonstration and display of affection toward the ever-changing times being seen throughout the world. There is an independent spirit raging in the youth of now. Kids want action! They want hot-sauced moodiness and a deranged sense of anti-socialism. That’s just the way it is. And this band is the Swedish ambassadors to the new Greenwich or Ashbury crowds of yester-years.

The black and white visual demonstration of Shout Out Louds’ artistic/hipster integrity was shot in the great city of Seattle (probably have to say that, right?) and it fits their style very well. Hailing from Stockholm, the Pacific Northwest might be their best bet for artistic freedom. Follow SOL through the vinyl lined walls of Seatown’s studio apartments. As well as trendy beige-colored apartments with graphic art displayed everywhere. Even a big fat cat. Follow along as the ambassadors stroll through the streets of their own hearts and minds. “Walls” is another wonderful indie rock amusement ride you get off of with glee, and it’ll turn your skinny jeans wearing ass right back around for another go. This is the new rock and roll. And that’s just fine.

“Walls” can be found on Shout Out Louds upcoming release Work, available February 23, 2010.

Shout Out Louds: Walls [mp3]
[audio:100111-shout-out-louds-walls.mp3|titles=Walls|artists=Shout Out Louds]

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