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The New Pornographers Continue As A Guest

The New Pornographers: Continue As A Guest [Album Review]

To begin, I have an embarrassing admission to make: For the most part, I have been flat out ignoring The New Pornographers since their 2007 release Challengers. In this album review, I’m setting out to see what sets their new album, Continue as a Guest apart. What about it caught my attention compared to everything else they’ve done in the past 15 years? Does this album have staying power? Is it any good?

Let’s find out.

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Camera Obscura Underachievers Please Try Harder Vinyl

Camera Obscura | Underachievers Please Try Harder | 20th Anniversary

Underachievers Please Try Harder is the second studio album by the Scottish indie pop band Camera Obscura. It was originally released on November 11, 2003 on Elefant Records out of Spain. Since the original CD and vinyl pressings, it’s received worldwide release including Japan on Imperial Records, Merge in the US, among a few others. 

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Wye Oak

Wye Oak’s New LP is Far From What You Might Expect. And That’s A Good Thing.

I was apprehensive the first time I hear “The Tower” by Wye Oak. The new track, off Andy Stack and Jenn Wasner’s forthcoming LP Shriek, is so vastly different from their previous material, I was almost initiated the metaphorical reject button. Gave it a few days, and tried it again with better results. Read More »Wye Oak’s New LP is Far From What You Might Expect. And That’s A Good Thing.

King Khan & the Shrines

King Khan & the Shrines: Idle No More

King Khan & the Shrines

I’ve become hypnotized. Haunted. Unsuspectingly allured. There is darkness / In every inch of my veins / In every pleasure, in every pain, coos King Khan with a high-pitched and heartfelt falsetto in “Darkness”, a bluesy, jazzy, laid back garage-pop ballad. The words are gripping amidst blaring soulful saxophones and trumpets. It’s enough to melt you inside. Read More »King Khan & the Shrines: Idle No More


Telekinesis: Ghosts And Creatures


Telekinesis premiered their new track “Ghosts And Creatures” off the forthcoming Dormarion earlier this week on Stereogum, and I caught the post after main member Michael Lerner’s sister posted the link on a well known social network. The first thing I picked up in their premiere is that the album was produced by Spoon’s Jim Eno. That’s connection number two I have to this album. Read More »Telekinesis: Ghosts And Creatures

Amor de Dí­as: Wild Winter Trees (Video)


Alasdair MacLean of The Clientele has a new project, Amor de Dí­as and boy is it good! Like his other band, this one borders on bossa nova. But rather than pop, MacLean instead flirts with folk. “Wild Winter Trees” is soft and beautiful with a lightly strummed guitar and calming vocals. Similarly, the video is simple, showing grainy footage a family playing in the fields. Read More »Amor de Dí­as: Wild Winter Trees (Video)

Destroyer: Chinatown [mp3]


For those of you familiar with Dan Bejar and his work in both Destroyer and The New Pornographers, this song may come as a bit of a shock. It’s damn near electronic! This isn’t the Dan Bejar we know and love… or is it? Leave it to JC/DC to spend a solid year-and-a-half production time reinventing Bejar as an off-beat, near contemporary artist. Bejar has never been one to create normality, but “Chinatown” is about as strange as it gets because it lacks consistency with the man’s prior work. Read More »Destroyer: Chinatown [mp3]

Shout Out Louds: Walls [Video]


There is a time and place for a band like the pop frenzied Shout Out Louds. And that time is obviously now. Their latest single “Walls” is a verbal demonstration and display of affection toward the ever-changing times being seen throughout the world. There is an independent spirit raging in the youth of now. Kids want action! They want hot-sauced moodiness and a deranged sense of anti-socialism. That’s just the way it is. And this band is the Swedish ambassadors to the new Greenwich or Ashbury crowds of yester-years. Read More »Shout Out Louds: Walls [Video]

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