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Supercluster: Waves [Album Review]


Supercluster may have that famed super group make-up, but it lacks in the pretentious ego-driven in-fighting to which such groups are prone. The artists behind Supercluster are responsible for some of today’s best groups, from Of Montreal and Casper & The Cookies to Deerhunter and The New Sound Of Numbers. Despite the who’s-who of indie pop, Waves is a portal into lo-fi psych pop famed to regions like Athens, GA.

Also unlike the typical super group, Supercluster lacks overproduction thanks to the hand of Jason NeSmith (Casper & The Cookies). Tracks like “Peace Disco Song” and “Sunflower Clock” will instantly grip the listener; the latter even has subtle references to modern psychedelic pop master Dan Snaith (Caribou, Manitoba). It is during these moments, where Supercluster dabbles in the avant garde, that the band stands out most.

True to both the psychedelic and pop genres, Supercluster has a fair share of orchestration. And they’re not afraid to alter realities with a little colorful and off-kilter intonation, making Waves about as unique a super group album as you’ll ever hear. While the occasionally awkward — the slightly out-of-tune moments are certainly not for all — it’s still easy to want more. Supercluster has truly created an album unlike any other!

Supercluster: I Got The Answer [mp3]
[audio:091015-supercluster-i_got_the_answer.mp3|titles=I Got The Answer|artists=Supercluster]

Waves by Supercluster

Cloud Recordings [CD, 2009]

1. Peace Disco Song
2. Brave Tree
3. Sunflower Clock
4. River
5. I Got The Answer
6. Mermaid’s Tale
7. Copper Palo
8. The Night I Died
9. Too Many Eights
10. Anyone
11. Time To End The War
12. 316

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