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Meyercord: Childish [Album Review]

Y La Bamba (photo by Ron Trembath)

Discard the fact that Ben Meyercord is a friend of mine. Discard the fact that he often contributes to this website. I did. Listening to Meyercord‘s debut EP Childish, I wanted to take on a fresh perspective. I wanted to be endearing and honest in my recount of the EP, so that’s how I approached it.

Yet, I couldn’t help but be taken with the heart wrenching-folk Meyercord lays out in each and every melody, through each strum of the guitar. The folk-ridden guitar parts are interspersed with selectively poppy rhythms and the lyrics are packed with emotion.


The EP opens with “Friday Night,” a poppy folk ballad filled with romantic, emotive melodies, and lyrics that delve into inner struggles. “Easy Little Strum” takes it down a notch, softening the guitar and keys and additional instrumentation before kicking it back up for the catchy “Summer Waltz.”

It’s no surprise that “Childish” is the clear winner here. Placed directly after the lovable “Summer Waltz,” the title track finds Meyercord blending in some additional instrumentation just like its predecessor for the EP’s climax. In both, there’s a heavy emphasis on keyboard melodies which accompany Ben’s folk-y guitar, but he fills the vacant spots with additional vocalists. There’s also a larger focus on percussion.

The EP grows from the softer moments in the beginning to the powerful electric guitar parts of “Childish” and wraps with “Taking It Slow.” Ben adds a female vocalist here for a calming, seductive conclusion. Short and sweet, Childish is sure to win over folk-pop fans around the globe.

This review was originally published May 9, 2008 on the old version of FensePost. Top photo of Y La Bamba taken by Ron Trembath. You can see the original and read an interview with Luz Mendoza of Y La Bamba on Trainwreck’d Society.

Childish by Meyercord

Not on Label [CDEP, 2007]

1. Friday Night
2. Easy Little Strum
3. Summer Waltz
4. Childish
5. Taking It Slow

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