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Velella Velella: Live at Capitol Hill Block Party [2008.07.26]

Velella Velella at Capitol Hill Block Party 2008

Cassie was insistent I catch Velella Velella. Seriously, she said. I think you’ll really dig them. We were hanging out front of King Cobra, a key Capitol Hill Block Party stage a few doors from Comet Tavern. I’m sold, I thought. Sounds good to me.

As the band set up on stage I noted a few items… One: There were four or five keyboards. So many, in fact, that the final one wouldn’t fit lined up next to the others and had to be tucked back by the drums. Two: There were a few ladies mixed in with the guys.

Could this be another Au Revoir Simone like band? I had recently covered Hearts In Palm UK, a group that finds many parallels to the beloved all girl trio whose moniker is dubbed after a Pee Wee Herman line. While I have nothing against Au Revoir Simone or Hearts In Palm UK (I whole-heartedly dig both), I’m glad to say Velella Velella sounded nothing like the two.

Quite to the contrary, their sound is plush and full of life and spunk.

And soul. And funk. And bits of electronic bliss.

It’s a party for your ears.

And, like Cassie said, I’m going to hang out back where I can dance, I soon discovered that I, too, was dancing a little bit (a feat astonishing in itself as I don’t dance). It was the music; it’s SO catchy and SO lively that you just can’t help it.

So… Cassie was right! I really do dig these guys!

This review was originally publsihed August 1, 2008 on the old version of FensePost. Velella Velella’s latest, The Bay Of Biscay is available on Hush Records. “Do Not Fold / Do Not Bend”, included below, is the first track off that album. For more photos from this show, log into Facebook and click here.

Velella Velella: Do Not Fold / Do Not Bend [mp3]
[audio:090425_velella_velella_-_do_not_fold_do_not_bend.mp3|titles=Do Not Fold / Do Not Bend|artists=Velella Velella]

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