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Richard Swift: Live At The Crocodile [2009.04.18]

Richard Swift

It’s hard to believe that my first live show of 2009 didn’t happen until mid-April. Then again, with the extent of travel over the past six or so months, maybe it isn’t. Add to that the fact that I’m getting older, and that it’s getting harder and harder for me to stay up late. Still, it was fitting that the first show took place at The Crocodile, recently remodeled and reopened with new decor and fancy marble-sinked bathrooms.

The show featured the amazing Richard Swift, whose recent release, The Atlantic Ocean, can be found on Secretly Canadian. His library though this label is six strong, which wasn’t that surprising when he began belting out his unique signature vocals.

The music is pretty amazing as well. When I first heard Swift, I thought he sounded a bit like Stereolab (with whom he’s shared the stage) fronted by Prince. But it extends beyond that; his songs are fresh yet emotive, and tunes like The Atlantic Ocean‘s “A Song For Milton Feher” and “Lady Luck” brought down the house (at least in my opinion). Besides, only a few tracks have the French pop sound.

Songs like “Lady Luck” and “A Song For Milton Feher” were fantastic with their high energy. Others were soft and slow, while select tunes even found Swift and his band dancing around on stage. Where Swift was at his best, however, was in those few songs that concluded in wild climactic breakdowns, experimental and chaotic in nature. His state-side tour with Vetiver is just about up, but with The Atlantic Ocean released earlier this month, he’ll be back here soon enough. For a full list of dates, check out Swift’s MySpace page.

Above photo also by Fense. For more shots from the show, log into Facebook and click here.

Richard Swift: Lady Luck [mp3]
[audio:090420_richard_swift_-_lady_luck.mp3|titles=Lady Luck|artists=Richard Swift]

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