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Metric: Help I’m Alive [Video & pReview]


To be honest, I haven’t listened to very much Metric (MySpace). I know that what I have heard I have liked, and what I haven’t I probably would like. So, naturally, when I heard they’d be releasing a new album upon the world, I turned to the one person I knew would appreciate the release: Margar. But, as the album has yet to come and the release won’t hit for another month or three, I figured I’d drop in a little note about the upcoming release and include some glorious embeds.

What makes me very excited about this release is Emily Haines’ acoustic version of “Help I’m Alive”, which is included below as a download and is the feature track on the brief documentary about the forthcoming release, Fantasies. Where “Help I’m Alive (Acoustic)” is more like Haines’ solo works, it translates well into the full Metric electro-rock they’re for which they’re known. As documentaries go, it’s a personal and introspective look into the artist’s life with a heavy dose of the various inspirations into the new album.

Fantasies by Metric

Fantasies hits stores April 14, but you can preorder the album now from the Metric website.


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