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Metric: Fantasies [Album Review]

  • Margar 


Metric’s newest release, Fantasies, kicks to life with a heartbeat of a kick drum and weavings of stereo effect. The overly saccharine has been replaced with heartier bass lines; there is a moodiness that tempers throughout the album that creates a more mature and mainstream sound. While the overall feel of this album is a definite change from Live It Out, there are still elements that reminisce of their older material. Read More »Metric: Fantasies [Album Review]

Metric: Help I’m Alive [Video & pReview]


To be honest, I haven’t listened to very much Metric (MySpace). I know that what I have heard I have liked, and what I haven’t I probably would like. So, naturally, when I heard they’d be releasing a new album upon the world, I turned to the one person I knew would appreciate the release: Margar. But, as the album has yet to come and the release won’t hit for another month or three, I figured I’d drop in a little note about the upcoming release and include some glorious embeds. Read More »Metric: Help I’m Alive [Video & pReview]

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