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Hari and Aino: Gold (Or Something Just As Nice) [Video]

Hari And Aino

Sometimes the best music videos don’t really have a point. Sometimes there’s no plot, no storyline. Sometimes they’re just a collection of clips taken while out on the road, slapped together in a way that’s aesthetically pleasing. That’s pretty much what you get with Hari and Aino‘s “Gold (Or Something Just As Nice”.

But upon subsequent views, maybe there is a little bit of a plot here… a little story. It follows a crew, likely the band, as they hit the road and ultimately go to a party at a disco. The song, at times, reminds me of early Starlet (pre-Acid House Kings group). I guess it is no surprise, then, that Hari and Aino is from Stockholm. God, Sweden sure does put out the best pop music!

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